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        Chinese Bible Church of Greater Nashua (CBCGN) was established in 2003 and our youth group has been an important part of that ever since. As Jesus' followers, we teach the Bible and the Christian faith. We also reach out to the communities to share the love of Jesus with others and expand the kingdom of God.

       Starting from March this year, we are offering a brand new Gospel teaching curriculum, called “Alpha Course”, which will help you seek the Gospel and find the true meaning of life in Jesus Christ. We are excited about it and wish you would join us on Sundays. See for details.

        Each Alpha lesson runs for an hour. It’s a very relaxing and friendly environment where everyone can freely share their thoughts and learn the Biblical truth. Whether you are a believer or a Christian, we warmly welcome you. Pizza and drinks are provided to make sure you won’t have an empty stomach when we are talking. Check our Instagram channel for more info:


2022 CBCGN Youth Summer Retreat

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