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11月19日教会会员大会(Church Congregational Meeting on 11/19/2023)



拿城教会将在11月19日 的成人主日学时间举行会员大会(11:30 am -12:30 pm),并有YouTube直播( )。


1. 敬拜

2. 接纳新会员

3. 投票确认2024年新任的长老和执事

4. 2023年最新的财务报告

5. 教会以福音为导向事工的总结

6. 牧者的勉励与分享

7. 问题与解答


1. 教会会员(包括新加入的会员)的投票将在现场举行。如果你不在现场参加,我们届时会提供 Google Forms 的链接以便你在网上进行投票。

2. 考虑到长辈叔叔阿姨们来到教会和在网上投票的困难,我们将事先征询他们的投票决定,届时计入他们的选票。

请所有的会员尽努力预留时间参加这次的会员大会。让我们一起感恩, 并带着对福音的火热,一起来讨论教会的各项事宜。谢谢!

主恩满溢, 教会长执会

Dear sisters & brothers,

Peace in Christ!

CBCGN will have a congregational meeting on 11/19 during the adult Sunday school time (11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.). The YouTube live stream will also be provided at

Meeting Agenda:

1. Worship

2. Accepting new church members

3. Vote to approve newly elected elder and deacons for 2024

4. Latest financial summary for 2023

5. Church Gospel-driven ministry summary

6. Encouragement and sharing from Pastor Hann

7. Q&A

Please note:

1. Voting for elder and deacons by the church members (including the newly accepted ones) will be conducted in the church. If you are absent and watching online, we will provide a Google Form for you to vote by then.

2. Due to the inconvenience of some of the elderly members coming to the church and/or voting online, we will ask their voting decisions in advance and count their votes by then.

For all the church members, please make your best effort to attend the meeting. Let's give thanks to the Lord and discuss all kinds of Church ministries with a passion for the Gospel. Thanks!

Blessings, CBCGN Church Council

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