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这次大扫除的一个重要的任务乃是清理教会周围的落叶。另外,室内的各间教室也需要做全面的清理。邀请大家积极参加,并带上一些清理树叶的工具(Leaf Blowers, Rakes, Tarps等)。鼓励教会各部门同工和团契小组积极参与,帮助清理你们部门常使用的场地。另外,由于这次有教会周边落叶的清除,所以希望更多的弟兄可以参与。



This coming Saturday (12/2) we’ll clean the church building for the second time this year. We’ll start around 9:45 am and finish before noon. Chinese breakfast will be provided between 8:45 am and 9:45 am.


An important task of this cleaning is to sweep away all the fallen leaves around the church. We also need to clean up all the rooms in the church. We invite you to come and bring the tools such as leaf blowers, rakes, tarps, etc. All the department co-workers and fellowship groups are encouraged to help do the cleaning in the areas that are frequently used by your departments. Since we need to remove all the fallen leaves around the church, we’re asking more brothers to come and help.


Let's make our best effort so that we may welcome the coming of Christmas in a clean environment!

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