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圣诞节特别聚会 Christmas Gathering

教会圣诞节庆祝活动将于 12 月 24 日(圣诞前夕)的主日崇拜一起进行。主日结束后,大家将在一起享用圣诞午餐。其后,我们将组队(包括成人和青少年)去几家疗养院和 Rescue Mission报佳音,唱圣诞颂歌。鉴于此,今年的平安夜,教会将不再举行烛光崇拜。随此邮件附上圣诞节特别聚会邀请单张。请积极邀请家人、朋友、慕道朋友参加此次的特别聚会!

The Church Christmas Celebration will be held together with the Sunday service on December 24th (Christmas Eve). After Sunday service, we will all get together for a Christmas lunch. Then, we will group different teams (both adults and youth) to go to several nursing homes and Rescue Mission to proclaim the good news and sing Christmas carols. The church will not have a candlelight service on Christmas Eve this year. Attached please see the special Christmas service invitation flyer and warmly invite your family and friends to attend this special event!

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